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May 8, 2017

Speed Dating (Women 40-50, Men 40-55)
Women 40-50, Men 40-55
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What Happens

Welcome to your evening of Speed Dating. You are dressed to impress and ready to date. The night of Speed Dating is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Your hosts have created a safe and comfortable atmosphere for you to feel more at ease. As you arrive you will be greeted by your host at the door who will take your coat, hand you your Datecard and your nametag. There will be around 20 minutes mingling with icebreakers allowing everyone to relax, take their time and get ready for the fun ahead.

Each date lasts for 5 minutes with an intermission half way through the evening to mix, mingle and enjoy some appetizers. Throughout the dates, the ladies take their seats leaving the men to rotate table to table in alphabetical order.

At the end of the evening your Datecard will be handed to the hosts and within 48 hours you will receive an email with your matches. The evening does not have to end here; everyone is invited to mingle and have another drink with each other. Your evening may just have begun. Enjoy!